Matariki Mountains

Today we made matariki mountains. We used polyline to use closed shapes. Mrs Grant taught us closed and opened shapes. Closed shapes can have colour in it but opened shapes cant have colours in it because its not closed.  We used shapes for clouds, stars and the sun. It is dawn. Dawn means the sun is rising

Why my papa is special to me


                                                                                My Papa

Fakaalofa lahi atu Kia mutolu oti. Sit back, Relax and enjoy because this will be a really emotional story for some people. My name is Primrose Taufa or as my family calls me Lose for short. So my papa was a great man, his name was Raymond Fapene. He meant a lot to my family and I, which was a great thing because he made a lot of people laugh and even cry but in a good way.

He has two kids, Millie Fapene and Teopu Fapene. They are his children but their other siblings that don’t have the same surname are Apii, Teina, Nga and another sister that has passed. I never met her which makes me feel bad because I know that she would be missing papa Raymond so much since he does anything for his family. Millie is a wonderful daughter to papa Raymond because she takes him for walks and always talks to him when she has time to go see him at the hospital. Teopu is a wonderful son to papa Raymond as well because he always takes care of him and he put in a lot of effort to take care of his own dad and he tried his best to keep him alive

He was a great person with a good personality. He had a great start in life and he had funny answers to questions his friends gave him. He is a person that looked after a lot of people and took favours for people that needed help. He is a special person to me because he looked after me whenever I was sick and no one was there when I was sick. He was a special dad, granddad, husband, uncle, brother, friend and family member. He is an OG Sipeni and an OG Fapene. He will always be in our hearts. We will always remember and think about you every day. Thank you for being a very special family member to us. We appreciate you being in our lives. Rest in peace and rest well while you’re up in heaven getting healed well and we will always pray for you. Save us a seat.

Thank you for listening to my story of how my grandpa is so special to me.

-Lose xo


My favourite things about my teacher

Kia ora, my name is Primrose and these are the favourite things I like about my teacher.

The things I like about my teacher is her encouragement, confidence, caringness, thankfullness and happiness because she provides me support, courage and entertainment. She always trusts and believes in me. She is a great teacher. She always tries her best at alot of things. She deserves this world and the kindness from eachother. She gives everyone peace and respect. She doesn’t like yelling and she doesn’t like giving people or herself hard times. She is a vegetarian and one thing I like about that is, she knows that it’s wrong to just choose an animal that the person likes and straight away kill it, cook it then eat it. She knows that’s wrong and thats what I like about her being vegetarian.

One thing I like about her teaching is maths, she gives me the chance to learn the easiest to the hardest ways of learning and she gives me time to do that. She always helps me when i’m stuck on something, she gives me clues and facts about the hard questions she lets me take my time on. The thing I like about her encouragement is how she always encourages me to try new things and enjoy myself. She always knows when i’m angry at someone she tries to encourage me to stay calm and remain that way, she always encourages me through sports, learning and others more. The thing I like about her confidence is power because she always has the energy to match with her battery that hypes her up to be in a place that has space for her, she doesn’t care if she is infront of a million people or even one trillion people, she has that kind of confidence in her. The thing I like about her caringness is when she cares about me, she knows what I struggle through and she understands because I go to her whenever I need help with alot of things. She always understand why im in a grumpy mood everyday because, I have my sisters training 5 in the morning practice 3 to 7, We get stuck in traffic and get home at 9 and don’t get enough sleep and she understands why. She always cares for me and other people that struggle or anything more worser than that.



Narrative writing

Kia ora, my name is Primrose and today I will be telling you what narrative writing is.

Narrative writing is a fiction story. A narrative writing can also be explained as essays, fairy tales, autobiographies or news stories.

What is the meaning of explanatory narrative?
It describes the idea that a narrative has an inherent ability to carry an explanation of why things happened or why historical agents acted in a particular way. The explanatory narrative relies upon empathetic reenactment to create meaning.
What is the difference between narrative and explanatory paragraph?
Narrative is a style of writing that can be called story telling while expository is descriptive in nature. Expository is factual and contains a lot of details in the form of facts whereas narrative contains figures of speeches and is a lot more flowing than expository.
What is the purpose of a narrative?
The Purpose of Narrative Writing. Narration means the art of storytelling, and the purpose of narrative writing is to tell stories. Anytime you tell a story to a friend or family member about an event or incident in your day, you engage in a form of narration. A narrative can be factual or fictional.
I hope you all learn off this for a fictional story so you can write one some day.
You can use narrative writing anywhere at anytime.
I hope you learn a thing or two of narrative stories in my writing.
Nga mihi, Primrose